Press Release

Trans-Pecos Ultra preps for its inaugural event this fall

09 Jul, 2015 (Thu)
Big Bend

Presidio, Texas (May 19, 2015). Trans-Pecos Ultra is North America’s newest self-supported multi-stage ultra

marathon and a first of its kind event in Texas. The inaugural race takes place October 18-24, 2015 at Big Bend Ranch State Park. Registration is open and limited to 100 participants.

Big Bend is a vast wilderness located west of the Pecos River between the Chisos Mountains in Texas and the Sierra Madre Oriental in Mexico. Far removed from city pollution, bright lights and traffic, this remote area features rugged mountains, steep canyons, amazing views, unparalleled night skies, and solitude in a high desert setting. For the ultra runner, Big Bend is the perfect destination with untapped possibilities.

A passion for the outdoors and covering long distances are what bond ultra runners together. Nearly 30 years ago, the first self-supported multi-stage ultra took place in Morocco across the Sahara Desert and is now considered by many as the toughest foot race on earth. Today, multi-stage races exist in some of the toughest terrain known to man; the Gobi Desert in China, Atacama Desert in Chile, The Australian Outback, Namibia, and even the Arctic Circle and Antarctica. Although challenging, this format of racing provides a safe way to experience a greater distance in remote areas few people have explored.

“My passion for adventure and interest to promote the outdoors and health are what fuel this event,” says Race Director, Dr. Chris Herrera, PhD. “The experience surrounding the self-supported multi-stage ultra is something unlike any other event I’ve been involved with and something I want to share in my home State of Texas. Trans- Pecos Ultra is an epic foot race but most importantly a unique opportunity to ‘Discover Big Bend.’”

The self-supported multi-stage ultra marathon is more than just a race. Visiting a new place, learning about a new culture, meeting new and life-long friends, and overcoming the challenges presented by the race itself, are what bring new participants in and keep past runners looking for new destinations. This year, the lure of travel, adventure, and community is answered by Trans-Pecos Ultra in Big Bend – Join us this fall, October 18-24, 2015.

About the Race | Trans-Pecos Ultra is the first and only self-supported multi-stage ultra marathon in Texas. The 6 stage, 7 day course traverses approximately 160 miles in Big Bend, a rugged and mountainous area within the Chihuahuan Desert – the third largest desert in the Western Hemisphere. The 2015 Trans-Pecos Ultra is a USA Track & Field sanctioned event in partnership with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.