3 Bridges Marathon

Little Rock, AR, USA
07 Dec, 2024 (Sat)


26.2 mi

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Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon

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Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon

07 Dec, 2024 (Sat) - 05:00
26.2 mi
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Results: Brunette, Stone take top spots in Little Rock

24 Dec, 2015 (Thu)

Marathon results Mike Brunette (2:53:04.06) outran almost 400 runners to win the 3rd annual Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon in Little Rock, Arkansas. Working its way along the Arkansas River Trail, the USATF certified course honoring Jacob Wells crosses the Big Dam Bridge, the Clinton Presidential Bridge and the Two Rivers Bridge. Runner-up Chris Toepfer (2:58:14.30) came in just ahead of James Bresette (2:58:42.85). Bresette was the only other runner to finish under three hours. He finished second in 2013. Congratulations Overall Male – Mike Brunette Posted by 3 Bridges Marathon on Saturday, December 19, 2015 For the women, it was Tia Stone winning with ease. Her time of 3:02:46.90 was good for sixth overall, and more than 11 minutes faster the her closest competitor. She finished second in 2013. Jaime Rogers earned runner-up honors with a time of 3:14:18.07. Amanda Potts repeated in third at 3:24:33.19. The two finished fifth and eighth, respectively, in 2013. Congratulations Overall Female – Tia Stone Posted by 3 Bridges Marathon on Saturday, December 19, 2015 Top 10 Men 1 Mike BRUNETTE 2:53:04.06 2 Chris TOEPFER 2:58:14.30 3 James BRESETTE 2:58:42.85 4 Mark FERGUSON 3:00:13.36 5 Kevin GOLDEN 3:02:42.56 6 Lance LOWREY 3:06:48.222 7 Mitch BOECKMAN 3:09:38.91 8 Mark CHARNOGORSKY 3:10:03.78 9 Joel AALBERTS 3:10:56.00 10 Joshua LEYVA 3:11:53.46 Top 10 Women 1 Tia STONE 3:02:46.90 2 Jaime ROGERS 3:14:18.07 3 Amanda POTTS 3:24:33.19 4 Ashley SLAYTON 3:30:29.64 5 Michelle GREER 3:33:55.10 6 Katerine SEYWERD 3:34:37.21 7 Rebecca GURNTHER 3:38:20.88 8 Emily HARBOUR 3:39:52.87 9 Tammy WALTHER 3:40:45.31 10 Jacquelyn GRIFFIN 3:42:31.32 Complete Results
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