Comrades Marathon

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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
09 Jun, 2024 (Sun)
Event size: 10000 - 24999 participants


89 km

About the event

It is the world’s largest and oldest ultramarathon race, with an annual field of 23,000 runners from over 60 countries. The direction alternates each year, with an 87 km run starting from Durban and an 89 km run starting from Pietermaritzburg. With increased participation since the 1980s, the average finish times for both genders, and the average age of finishers have increased substantially, with more than 10,000 runners finishing the race within the allowed 11 or 12 hours. Be a part of this ultimate endurance challenge that embodies a spirit of camaraderie, selflessness, dedication, perseverance, and ubuntu.

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Comrades Marathon

09 Jun, 2024 (Sun) - 05:30
89 km
Race size: 10000 - 14999 participants
On site
Point to point


4 Reviews
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Yvonne Le Tourneur
Juin 2019

4550 Km's later in 2 years , delighted to have Back to Back & Bronze medals. Such an epic journey with so many local and international friends along the way. I have great admiration for the many runners that took on this relentless challenge (that persevered to qualify for this race) and made it to the finish. This UP RUN course is relentless, I way prefer the DOWN RUN, but this varies tremendously with runners. There are a million words one could use to describe the Supporters of the Ultimate Human Race.. they are incredible!

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Thabo Nkabinde
Juin 2019

This is the most cruel and difficult, but very enjoyable and nice race. The hills are tough. The route is good and well supported. Water stations were well stocked with water and energade sports drink. Some stations had more things. Reaching the finish line within the 12 hours given to complete, feels so good. You forget about the pain and busk in the glory. The spectators and supporters are very nice to the runners. Well organized race overall.

Its not called the ultimate human race for nothing.

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Obakeng Tlhapane

The best Marathon I've ran yet! It truly is the ultimate human race. Humility and humanity are the order of the day.

user avatar
Alison Smith

This race is incredibly well organised! It is massive - 20 000+ entrants. It is difficult to describe Comrades as you simply have to experience it. It will restore your faith in humanity as the camaraderie among participants and spectators is something you will not experience anywhere else in the world. It is "The Ultimate Human Race"!

There is only one distance for this race, though the exact distance does vary between 86 KM - 91 KM due to roadworks on the route, changes in finish venue, etc. There is not a standard distance for this race. The official race distance for the year is announced a few months before the race date each year.

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