Dundee Running Adventure Marathon

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Dundee, Dundee City, United Kingdom
14 Jul, 2024 (Sun)
Event size: 100 - 999 participants


21.1 km

Races offered by this event

Half Marathon

14 Jul, 2024 (Sun) - 09:30
21.1 km
On site


1 Review
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Arlene Aaøyen
Jul 2017
21.098 km

I titled this "Amazing location" as I was born and raised in Dundee. I now live in Norway but travelled over to run my first half marathon (without training for it). My goal was to finish, so I was pleased with my 2 hour 48 minute finish. The route starts off with an incline, not much, but if you are not used to running incline, I would recommend training for it. The scenery is lovely, there were supporters along the way, including Police cheering us on. I would say most of the run was flat, but be prepared for up and down hills. All in all, a great atmosphere. Cant wait to run it next year, better prepared :) A big thank you to those who volunteered.

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Results 2019: Dundee Running Adventure Marathon

08 Jul, 2019 (Mon)

Marathon ANDREW PRITCHARD won the race with a time of 03:12:30. He bested Johnathon Ward who crossed the finish line 6 minutes 3 seconds behind him. The third place went to Stephen Dickson with a time of 03:25:31 For the women, Ruth Pirie claimed victory with a time of 03:30:07 . She finished 2 minutes 13 seconds ahead of Ailsa McCorquodale. Finishing third was Mafalda Johnson (03:40:15). Top 5 Men 1 ANDREW PRITCHARD 03:12:30 2 Johnathon Ward 03:18:33 3 Stephen Dickson 03:25:31 4 John Nicoll 03:27:45 5 Steve Parker 03:33:12 Top 5 Women 1 Ruth Pirie 03:30:07 2 Ailsa McCorquodale 03:32:20 3 Mafalda Johnson 03:40:15 4 Lilla Riedlingerné Fenyvesi 03:52:09 5 Alina Hemkova 03:59:02 Complete results Half Marathon Billy Gibson took top spot in 01:16:38. Jamie Coventry earned runner-up honours with a time of 01:18:41. Finishing third was Richard Horne (01:20:01). For the women, Tracy Morgan claimed victory with a time of 01:26:09 . Jennifer Learmonth earned runner-up honours with a time of 01:26:44. Finishing third was Janet Dickson (01:27:43). Top 5 Men 1 Billy Gibson 01:16:38 2 Jamie Coventry 01:18:41 3 Richard Horne 01:20:01 4 Graeme Parker 01:20:05 5 Mike Herron 01:20:35 Top 5 Women 1 Tracy Morgan 01:26:09 2 Jennifer Learmonth 01:26:44 3 Janet Dickson 01:27:43 4 Alison McNeilly 01:29:05 5 Jennifer Macfarlane 01:32:53 Complete results
1 min read

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