Ealing Half Marathon

Ealing, West London, Greater London, United Kingdom
29 Sep, 2024 (Sun)
Event size: 1000 - 4999 participants


21.097 km

About the event

For three consecutive years, our UKA measured course in Ealing has been voted the best half marathon in the UK. With closed roads and a capacity of 7,000, you'll be running through the area's scenic landscape and occasional hills. With over 30,000 spectators lining the route and cheering you on, you'll feel like a superstar! Moreover, look out for special signs welcoming runners from all around the world, and if it's your birthday on race day, you might even spot a special sign just for you. This large-scale event provides a safe and professional environment for all runners. Finally, when you reach Lammas Park, you'll have the advantage of the enthusiastic supporters on either side of the pathways to help you power through the last kilometre for a spectacular finish and an exclusive medal.

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Ealing Half Marathon

29 Sep, 2024 (Sun) - 09:00
21.097 km
Race size: 2500 - 4999 participants
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