FootZone Dirty Half

Bend, OR, USA
01 Jun, 2024 (Sat)
Event size: 100 - 999 participants

Trail running

21.097 km


About the event

A sweet all dirt half marathon taking place on the single track trails just west of Bend

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You have 14 weeks to prepare

FootZone Dirty Half

01 Jun, 2024 (Sat) - 07:00
Trail running
21.097 km
1009 ft of elevation gain998 ft of elevation drop
Race size: 250 - 499 participants
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Results 2018: FootZone Dirty Half

12 Jun, 2018 (Tue)

Ryan Bak grinded past more than 505 runners to win in 01:14:04. He bested Jared Bassett who crossed the finish line une minute 18 secondes behind him. Rounding out the top three was Max King with a time of 01:17:24. For the women, Jenn Randall finished first in 01:26:17 , ahead of Anne Charles (01:32:07). Rounding out the top three was Makenna Tague with a time of 01:33:39. Top 5 Men 1 Ryan Bak 01:14:04 2 Jared Bassett 01:15:22 3 Max King 01:17:24 4 Thomas Morgan 01:17:45 5 Cameron Kreuz 01:18:46 Top 5 Women 1 Jenn Randall 01:26:17 2 Anne Charles 01:32:07 3 Makenna Tague 01:33:39 4 Kaitlin Greene 01:35:27 5 Tansy Brown 01:36:50 Complete results
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