Golden Gate Half Marathon

San Francisco, CA, USA
03 Nov, 2024 (Sun)
Event size: 5000 - 9999 participants


5 km, 21.097 km

About the event

The Golden Gate Half is more than just a 13.1-mile run through San Francisco.

Rather, it is a spectacular journey through this stunning City by the Bay. The chance to run across the Golden Gate Bridge is an experience unlike any other, but far from the only breathtaking moment you’ll enjoy. 

The fun begins on the shore of the San Francisco Bay. Line up at the storied Muni Pier in Aquatic Park, take in magnificent views not only of the Golden Gate Bridge but also infamous Alcatraz. From there, you’ll trek through both the Marina and Presidio as the bridge draws ever closer.

Once you reach this masterpiece of cable and steel, you’ll travel on the Eastern Walkway toward Vista Point then head back to the City on the Bridge’s Western Walkway. All the while, stretched out before you will be the extraordinary sights of both the San Francisco Cityscape and Coastline.

After you exit the bridge, the last leg of the half marathon follows the Golden Gate Promenade to Fort Point. You’ll then head back through the Marina to Marina Green where countless locals and fellow runners will be cheering you on to the finish line!


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Golden Gate Half Marathon

03 Nov, 2024 (Sun)
21.097 km
Race size: 2500 - 4999 participants
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03 Nov, 2024 (Sun)
5 km
Race size: 2500 - 4999 participants
On site


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Results 2021: Golden Gate Half Marathon

08 Nov, 2021 (Mon)

Credit : kevinsyoza Golden Gate Half Marathon Zachary Hine won the race with a time of 01:07:23, followed by Taylor Gilland who finished with a time of 01:11:14. Tony Schollum (01:16:38) made notched third place. For the women, Alice Luu scored victory with a time of 01:24:57 . She bested Leandra Zimmermann who crossed the finish line une minute 12 secondes behind her. The third place went to Lindy Zeng with a time of 01:27:27 Top 5 Men 1 Zachary Hine 01:07:23 2 Taylor Gilland 01:11:14 3 Tony Schollum 01:16:38 4 James Conant 01:16:52 5 Jesus Frutos 01:17:03 Top 5 Women 1 Alice Luu 01:24:57 2 Leandra Zimmermann 01:26:09 3 Lindy Zeng 01:27:27 4 Christina Bowers 01:27:31 5 Tarianna Perez 01:27:33 Complete results 5K Tom Rehal outpaced more then 3497 runners to win in 00:15:53. He bested Andrea Cloarec who crossed the finish line une minute 3 secondes behind him. Rounding out the top three was Jon Wrobel with a time of 17:24:00. In the women’s race, it was Diana Daisey who took the top spot in 20:56:00 , ahead of Donna Baldetti (00:21:01). Rounding out the top three was Olina Chau with a time of 00:21:55. Top 5 Men 1 Tom Rehal EDMONTON, AB 00:15:53 2 Andrea Cloarec EDMONTON, AB 00:16:56 3 Jon Wrobel MILWAUKEE, WI 17:24:00 4 Robert Rose SAN FRANCISCO, CA 17:25:00 5 Louis Maciel HAYWARD, CA 00:18:34 Top 5 Women 1 Diana Daisey EMERYVILLE, CA 20:56:00 2 Donna Baldetti SAN FRANCISCO, CA 00:21:01 3 Olina Chau SAN FRANCISCO, CA 00:21:55 4 Penelope Hansen SAN FRANCISCO, CA 00:22:01 5 Fatima Machado SANTA CLARA, CA 00:23:04 Complete results
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