Hampton Court Half Marathon

Surrey, Surrey, United Kingdom
18 Feb, 2024 (Sun)


21.1 km

About the event

Welcome to the Hampton Court Half Marathon, one of South West London's premier running events! Now in its 11th year, this race is highly regarded as a training run for spring marathons and a challenging distance race in its own right. Whether you're preparing for the Brighton Marathon, the Manchester Marathon, or the TCS London Marathon, this event is perfectly timed for your training build-up, taking place 7 weeks before Brighton and 9 weeks before London.The route itself is a scenic and flat one, showcasing the beautiful river-side grounds of the historic Hampton Court Palace. You'll start with a closed road loop around the charming village of Thames Ditton, before passing through the ancient marketplace of Kingston upon Thames. As you continue on, you'll follow the iconic 3-mile stretch of the Barge Walk beside the Thames, and after 10 miles, you'll reach the magnificent Hampton Court Palace. Along the way, you'll encounter a variety of terrain, including closed roads, pavement, pedestrian and cycle tracks, and tarmac paths through parks.

Not only will you have the enchanting backdrop of King Henry VIII and his Tudor entourage, but you'll also be cheered on by a lively atmosphere as you strive for your personal best. And for those who cross the finish line, a top tech tee and a stunning race medal will be waiting for you as rewards for your hard work.

With a full race license from RUN BRITAIN, you can trust that this original Hampton Court Half Marathon course, established in 2014, offers true PB potential. So lace up your running shoes and join us for a fantastic race experience in South West London.

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18 Feb, 2024 (Sun) - 08:30
21.1 km
On site
Single loop
Beginner friendly

Course details

Course highlights

Hampton Court Palace, Kingston Bridge and Hampton Court Bridge. Beautiful and flat.

Start address

Giggs Hill Road, Thames Ditton KT7 0BT, UK

Finish address

Giggs Hill Road, Thames Ditton KT7 0BT, UK

Route map

route map

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
Timing chip (rental)
Event T-shirts
Drink Stations
Goodie bag
Training program
Photo Service
Finishers mug

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Results 2020: Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon

24 Feb, 2020 (Mon)

Adam Blythe grinded past more than 2836 runners to win in 01:11:41, followed by Nick Bester who finished with a time of 01:12:44. Rounding out the top three was Matthew Stevens with a time of 01:13:09. In the women’s race, Anna Bergsten took top honours by finishing the race in 01:20:56 . She finished one minute 41 seconds ahead of April James-Welsh. Rounding out the top three was Caoimhe Nic Fhogartaigh with a time of 01:24:55. Top 5 Men 1 Adam Blythe 01:11:41 2 Nick Bester 01:12:44 3 Matthew Stevens 01:13:09 4 Pat Wright 01:13:39 5 Oliver Bridge 01:14:00 Top 5 Women 1 Anna Bergsten 01:20:56 2 April James-Welsh 01:22:37 3 Caoimhe Nic Fhogartaigh 01:24:55 4 Fran Owen 01:25:48 5 Gina Galbraith 01:26:17 Complete results
1 min read

Results 2019: Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon

18 Feb, 2019 (Mon)

Christopher Wright took top spot in 01:08:49. Andrius Jaksevicius secured second in this year’s race with a time of 01:09:53. Finishing third was Dimosthenis Evangelidis (01:11:52). For the women, Phillipa Williams won the race with a time of 01:19:38 . She bested Catherine Meyer who crossed the finish line 13 seconds behind her. The third place went to Josie Hinton with a time of 01:20:04 Top 5 Men 1 Christopher Wright 01:08:49 2 Andrius Jaksevicius 01:09:53 3 Dimosthenis Evangelidis 01:11:52 4 Nick Bester 01:11:52 5 Nick Bowker 01:12:43 Top 5 Women 1 Phillipa Williams 01:19:38 2 Catherine Meyer 01:19:51 3 Josie Hinton 01:20:04 4 Helena Hayes 01:21:55 5 Teresa Murphy 01:23:24 Complete results
1 min read

Results 2018: Hampton Court Half Marathon

19 Feb, 2018 (Mon)

Peter Hawkings won the race with a time of 01:10:11. He finished 2 minutes 12 secondes ahead of Nick Bowker. Tom Foster (01:13:17) made notched third place. In the ladies race, Bethany Scott got a win, finishing with a time of 01:22:35 . She bested Rose Harvey who crossed the finish line une minute behind her. The third place went to Emma Paull with a time of 01:24:20 Top 5 Men 1 Peter Hawkings 01:10:11 2 Nick Bowker 01:12:23 3 Tom Foster 01:13:17 4 Charlie Ogilvie 01:13:25 5 Martin Rutter 01:13:40 Top 5 Women 1 Bethany Scott 01:22:35 2 Rose Harvey 01:23:35 3 Emma Paull 01:24:20 4 Katie Rowland 01:24:56 5 Jessica Anderson 01:26:05 Complete results
1 min read
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