Barcelona Marathon

Marato de Barcelona

4.6 (34 Reviews)
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
16 Mar, 2025 (Sun)


42.195 km

About the event

Experience the thrill of running in one of the world's best cities for a marathon. Join thousands of international runners in the Zurich Marató Barcelona and explore the stunning sights of this beautiful city. From the iconic Arc de Triomf to the architectural masterpiece of Sagrada Familia, you will run through the most picturesque areas of Barcelona. Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean charm, Modernist architecture, and world-class cuisine that make Barcelona a unique destination. Whether you are aiming for a personal best or simply want to complete the race, this event promises an unforgettable experience for participants of all ages and backgrounds. Come be a part of the magic and make Barcelona yours in 2025!

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You have 34 weeks to prepare

Zurich Marato de Barcelona

16 Mar, 2025 (Sun) - 08:30
42.195 km
AIMS Certified
On site
Single loop

Course details

Course highlights

The Barcelona Marathon is well-organized with a route entirely in Barcelona city with water and food points lining the route. Barcelona Marathon is around a 25 mile circuit of which have some of the great monuments on the route. The circuit will take you through the most beautiful areas of Barcelona. Arc de Triomf, Sagrada Familia, Paseo de Gracia or the sea itself will be part of the surprises of the route.

Start address

Barcelona, Spain

Finish address

Plaça d'Espanya, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Route map

route map

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
Finisher medal
Event T-shirts
Goodie bag
Nutrition Stations
Expo entry
Drink Stations
Bag drop
Timing chip (single use)
Training program
Accident insurance
Medical Assistance

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34 Reviews
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user avatar
Konstantinos Koudounas
Mar 2024

Nice route (2024 version) through the city. The route is fast and pretty flat (small inclines and declines). The expo could be organized a little bit different and by using also some English language. Crowd was in every part of the route supporting the runners. The aid stations were per 5Km up to 25Km and then every 2.5Km. Very good variety (water, fruits, energy drinks) Overall pretty satisfied by the organisation. Well Done Barcelona.

user avatar
Mar 2023

I've done 6 marathons over time and 4 ironman full distance races. This will be my last marathon due to a stroke in 2019 and a little problem with my heart, preferring not to push myself too hard. It was an enjoyable marathon because I didn't have to push it. Great experience and a great memory running in the same race as my daughter's first marathon. Fantastic pre-race information, organisation and support.

I've done 6 marathons over time and 4 ironman full distance races. This will be my last marathon due to a stroke in 2019 and a little problem with my heart, preferring not to push myself too hard. It was an enjoyable marathon because I didn't have to push it. Great experience and a great memory running in the same race as my daughter's first marathon.

user avatar
Niel Smith
Country flag of NL
Nov 2021
42.195 km

Awesome route through this beautiful city, great crowd, still can't get the song Barcelona out of my head!

user avatar
Erik Adeler
Nov 2021

Signed up with start insurance. Withdrew due to injury within time limit (weeks ago) and using the contact procedure outlined in the Terms. Still have not received any refund nor any response, I've called and written several emilails. Radio silence. Extremely disappointing. My favorite marathon, ran twice already. But never ever signing up again.

user avatar
Álvaro Mañé Salarich
Mar 2019

The feeling of doing your favourite sport while seeing one of the most beautiful cities in the world is incredible. This is what happens when you like running and you participate in the Barcelona Marathon. Along the route you pass by some spectacular monuments and the atmosphere is amazing. Hopefully I can come back this year

user avatar
Marek Krajewski
Mar 2019

Hi everyone, I ran this marathon in 2019 and I can confirm that it is a great event. The weather was perfect, the route was beautiful, great fans, and still my personal best. I recommend it very much.

user avatar
Péter Grezer
Country flag of RO
Mar 2019
42.195 km

I've also did a vlog with my run: Unfortunately for many of you, it's in Romanian, but you can still get an idea of the route from a first person view.

user avatar
Péter Grezer
Country flag of RO
Mar 2019
42.195 km

It was one of the best marathons I've ever ran, also I ran my current PB here (02:58:34). The expo is in a big hall near the start at the Spanish Square (Placa d'Espanya). It has lots of vendors, running-specific shops and stands advertising other races from all over the world. The start is from Spanish Square. In the first part of the race the route takes you up and down quite a bit, with small ascents and descents on the streets of Barcelona, passing by quite a few landmarks, like the Venetian Towers(Torres Venecianes), Camp Nou Stadium or La Sagrada Familia. After the first half(about 25km's/15miles to be more precise) and a couple of (not too sharp) turns, you end up on Diagonal Avenue after which the route puts you on your way to the beach and seafront. Here the route gets flat and a bit sunny for the next 12-13km's/8miles, before you start your light ascent on the last 4km's/2.5miles to the finish line, back to the Spanish Square. The weather is quite good, 15-20 degrees Celsius(60-70 degrees Fahrenheit). The route is very animated, there are lots of people cheering, hitting the drums and other percussion, bands playing, making it really hard not to have fun during the race. I highly recommend it.

user avatar
Running Pat
Country flag of FR
Mar 2018

It is not an easy race but the route is very nice. Barcelona is a very beautiful city. Even there are not too many people cheering the atmosphere is still awesome. The last two kilometres are very difficult because it is hilly. I have heard that they have changed it for 2019. It is worth running Barcelona

user avatar
Anna du Toit
Mar 2018
42.195 km

What a beautiful and easy going race. The crowd was amazing and the race is perfectly organised - all of these include the pre-, during- and post race activities. Only one thing that bothered me during the run, coming from a drought endangered country and being attentive to the environment. The water at the water stations which was provided in 400 ml plastic bottles. First of all, the amount of water which was wasted, as nobody drank 400ml of water during the run at each water stations, so people just take a sip and throw out the rest as they run. Second of all, the water being served in plastic bottles. Surely this can rather be supplied in recyclable cups? And even though plastic these days are also being recycled, it could have been in the first place avoided to use the plastic at all, then it also will not be necessary to use any resources to execute the recycling process. How about biodegradable water sachets or something similiar. One thing, which I am sure goes hand in hand with a love for running, is definetly a love for the environment. Thus we should do everything to protect it and reserve the land that we have.

user avatar
Anna Murray
Mar 2017
42 km

Loved the route, crowds are great, loads of bands along the course and entertainment, well organised. Route is gradual incline and declines all the way through so will hurt towards the end unless you train for this. Would highly recommentd.

user avatar
Ali Sharaf

My First Marathon Was Exceptional. I'm so glad I chose Barcelona. The route, the atmosphere and the organization. All on point.

I am a Marathoner now!

user avatar
Jelena Kapralova

It was a perfect marathon with a flat race route and perfect weather! Barcelona is a magnificent city which is worth to see. The organization is very good: there is enough water and eating stations. I recommend this marathon, especially as the first marathon distance for the marathon collection.

user avatar
Bram Slaets

Great track, well organized ! BIB event was good, after marathon chill zone without fans was good.

user avatar
Jordi Torroella
Country flag of ES

Fast, flat and with a very enthusiastic public

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