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Funchal Marathon

Maratona do Funchal

4.2 (6 Reviews)
Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal
19 Jan, 2025 (Sun)
Event size: 1000 - 4999 participants


8 km, 21.1 km, 42.195 km

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17 USD
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About the event

Join athletes from around the world in the exciting Funchal Marathon in the beautiful city of Funchal. This international sporting event is organized by the Madeira Athletics Association (AARAM) and features three main races - the Funchal Marathon, Funchal Half Marathon, and Mini Marathon. The race takes place on a flat course, providing a scenic and competitive experience for participants of all nationalities. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the stunning Madeira Island while taking part in this festive and fun event. Come and be a part of the excitement!

Races offered by this event

You have 30 weeks to prepare


19 Jan, 2025 (Sun) - 07:00
42.195 km
On site

Mini Marathon

19 Jan, 2025 (Sun) - 08:30
8 km
On site

Half Marathon

19 Jan, 2025 (Sun) - 09:00
21.1 km
On site

Course details

Course highlights

Marathon Time Limit: 06:00 hours Start – At Rua do Gorgulho, following to Estrada Monumental which follows towards Funchal, Avenida do Infante (1st turning point n front of the Madeira Congress Center), turns the other way, Avenida do Infante towards Câmara de Lobos, Estrada Monumental until Assicom Roundabout (2nd, 4th 6th and 8th turning points), turns the other way, Estrada Monumental, Avenida do Infante where will be the 3rd, 5th and 7th turning points (the athletes must complete 4 laps to this course); Transition – After the 5th passage at the turning point in front of the Madeira Congress Center, goes down Avenida Infante to Infante Roundabout, straight to Avenida de Arriaga, Rua do Aljube, Largo do Chafariz, Rua do Bettencourt, right to Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas, right to Rua do Visconde de Anadia, Praça da Autonomia, Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses (north), Sá Carneiro Roundabout, Avenida Sá Carneiro (9th turning point), Sá Carneiro Roundabout, Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses (south), Praça da Autonomia; Final Phase – Praça da Autonomia, Almirante Reis Garden (10th turning point), left across the garden, left to Rua D. Carlos I, Rua Casa da Luz, right to Rua Brigadeiro Oudinout, left to Ponte do Mercado (11th e 14th turning point), down Rua do Visconde de Anadia, Praça da Autonomia, Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses (north), Sá Carneiro Roundabout, Avenida Sá Carneiro (12th e 15th turning points), Sá Carneiro Roundabout, Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses (south), Praça da Autonomia (the athletes must complete 2 laps to this course) and crossing the finish line at the bus parking lot in front of Empresa de Eletricidade da Madeira.

Start address

Funchal, Portugal

Finish address

Av. do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses 9060, Funchal, Portugal

Route map

route map

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
Finisher medal
Event T-shirts
Custom bib number
Goodie bag
Cash prizes
Free public transport
Nutrition Stations
Drink Stations
Bag drop
Timing chip (single use)
Post-race meal
Accident insurance
Medical Assistance

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6 Reviews
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user avatar
Klaus-Dieter Jung
Jan 2019

Ich habe zum zweiten Mal teilgenommen. Die Atmosphäre während der Veranstaltung war immer großartig, wie auch die gesamte Organisation. Die Streckenführung ist anspruchsvoll, aber auch für ältere Teilnehmer zu bewältigen.

Ich habe am Mini- Maraton von 8,3 km teilgenommen. Durch die Streckenführung und die Höhenunterschiede war der Kurs anspruchsvoll.

user avatar
Altun Novruzov
Country flag of AZ
Jan 2018
21 km

This web site is more fuctional and interesting for me. It's easy to use. You can look half marathon or full marathon over the world.

It's my first official Half Marathon

user avatar
Country flag of EE

beautiful marathon, excellent organization

user avatar
Pavel Prudil
Country flag of CZ

Těžký závod v kopcích a motání po různých okruzích sem a tam. Madeira super, ale závod nic moc.

user avatar
Jonas Backman
Country flag of AX

Very hot dat for a finn. Would have likes a few more waterstations

user avatar
Samantha Scott
Country flag of GB
21.098 km

Nice event it a great location, fairly flat, the only downside is there are couple out and backs, fine for the half marathon but the marathon must have been quite gruelling! But at least plenty of people around to run with. Start and finish were in different places but bag drop was a van so great.

Nice route 2 different out and backs, plenty of water stations.

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Results 2020: Funchal Marathon

20 Jan, 2020 (Mon)

Credit : pcca Marathon Bruno Moniz outpaced more then 254 runners to win in 02:29:54, followed by Rogerio Bessa who finished with a time of 02:34:57. The third place went to David Perlich with a time of 02:44:25 In the ladies race, Rosa Madureira finished first in 02:50:09 , followed by Mónica Ferreira who finished with a time of 02:59:59. The third place went to Doris Marquardt with a time of 03:03:59 Top 5 Men 1 Bruno Moniz 02:29:54 2 Rogerio Bessa 02:34:57 3 David Perlich 02:44:25 4 Mark Macedo 02:47:09 5 Élvio Sousa 02:53:36 Top 5 Women 1 Rosa Madureira 02:50:09 2 Mónica Ferreira 02:59:59 3 Doris Marquardt 03:03:59 4 Veronika Jurisic 03:06:51 5 Marisa Costa 03:21:23 Complete results Half Marathon Ivan Nunes outpaced more then 502 runners to win in 01:12:25. He finished une minute 50 secondes ahead of François Reding. Rounding out the top three was Steve Winder with a time of 01:15:32. In the women’s race, Alena Rybkina finished first in 01:27:25 . She finished 5 minutes 23 secondes ahead of Madalena Morgado. Finishing third was Phyllis Flynn (01:34:30). Top 5 Men 1 Ivan Nunes 01:12:25 2 François Reding 01:14:15 3 Steve Winder 01:15:32 4 Silvestre Rodrigues 01:16:06 5 Daniel Costa 01:16:12 Top 5 Women 1 Alena Rybkina 01:27:25 2 Madalena Morgado 01:32:48 3 Phyllis Flynn 01:34:30 4 Kristina Schaaff 01:36:09 5 Samantha Scott 01:37:06 Complete results Mini Marathon Rodrigo F. Camacho outran roughly 496 runners to win with a time of 00:27:58, followed by Telmo Ramos who finished with a time of 00:28:37. Henrique Pires got the third place in 00:29:06. In the ladies race, Susana Lourenço took top spot in 00:34:11 , followed by Joana Costa who finished with a time of 00:35:31. Rounding out the top three was Inês Correia with a time of 00:36:50. Top 5 Men 1 Rodrigo F. Camacho 00:27:58 2 Telmo Ramos 00:28:37 3 Henrique Pires 00:29:06 4 Carlos Fernandes 00:29:24 5 Luís Barros 00:30:04 Top 5 Women 1 Susana Lourenço 00:34:11 2 Joana Costa 00:35:31 3 Inês Correia 00:36:50 4 Ana Gonçalves 00:37:05 5 Micaela Oliveira 00:37:41 Complete results
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