Mingo Madness

Akron, OH, USA
19 Jun, 2022 (Sun)

Trail running

15 km

About the event

Get ready to climb!

Sand Run Metro Park in Akron, Ohio is home to Mingo Madness 15k, the newest event in the Running Forward Giving Back family. Love hills? Of course you do, you're a trail runner! With over 1000 feet of climb, this race won't disappoint. The course includes the primitive, single track Dogwood and Mingo Loops, as well as an out-and-back stretch on the jogging trail where you can open up.

As good stewards of our beautiful park system, we of course practice leave no trace. Also in that spirit, Mingo Madness is cupless like other races in the RFGB series.

The race start and finish are at the North Hawkins Area. The race will start promptly at 7:00am. See You there!


$55 after July 4th
Absolutely no race day entries in accordance with Summit Metro Parks regulations so make sure to get registered early!


Title Sponsor: Harwick Standard Distribution Corporation

br />Second Sole Akron
Wagner & Company CPA, LLC

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19 Jun, 2022 (Sun)
Trail running
15 km
Race size: 0 - 99 participants
On site
Single loop


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Results 2021: Mingo Madness

21 Jun, 2021 (Mon)

At the end of the race, Aiman Scullion and Spencer Mahon crossed the finish line in the same time of 00:00:00. Finishing third was David Herr (00:00:00). In the ladies race, Kerri Sclater scored victory with a time of 00:00:50 , followed by Jillian Kearns who finished with a time of 00:00:00. Rounding out the top three was Emily Collins with a time of 00:00:40. Top 5 Men 1 Aiman Scullion 01:03:10 00:00:00 2 Spencer Mahon 01:06:39 00:00:00 3 David Herr 01:07:33 00:00:00 4 Evan Close 01:11:25 00:00:00 5 Doug Smith 01:11:31 00:00:50 Top 5 Women 1 Kerri Sclater 01:23:00 00:00:50 2 Jillian Kearns 01:26:36 00:00:00 3 Emily Collins 01:32:52 00:00:40 4 Brenda Stauffer 01:38:55 00:00:50 5 Shannon Potter 01:43:57 00:00:00 Complete results
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