Shamir Corrida Portucale

4.5 (2 Reviews)
14 Jul, 2024 (Sun)


5 km, 10 km

About the event

Experience the charm and allure of Porto by joining the Portucale Race, where you can appreciate the stunning surroundings of both Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia. This annual event, named after the ancient town and port of Portus Cale, offers a 5k route that can be enjoyed by walking. The race's godmother is none other than Rosa Mota, a former Olympic and World Marathon champion who is considered one of the best runners of the 20th century.Porto, also known as Oporto, is a must-see destination for international travelers. Its name was derived from the ancient town and port of Portus Cale and eventually influenced the name of the country, Portugal. Easily accessible from most large and small airports in Europe, Porto awaits with its warm and inviting summer weather. Take the opportunity to explore the city, indulge in delicious seafood, and try the local specialty, francesinha. Stroll through the charming cobblestoned streets and immerse yourself in Porto's unique beauty.

For those looking for more adventure, make it a road trip and explore the picturesque coastal towns of Northern Portugal after completing the Corrida Portucale. Rent a house by the ocean or stay in a cozy bed and breakfast to fully immerse yourself in the local culture. With breathtaking nature, kind locals, and an idyllic atmosphere, this journey will surely be unforgettable.

Races offered by this event

Walk/Run 5k

14 Jul, 2024 (Sun) - 09:30
5 km
On site


14 Jul, 2024 (Sun) - 09:30
10 km
On site

Course details

Course highlights

10km race – Start on Avenida Gustavo Eiffel (next to Ponte D. Luís), crosses the Douro River on the lower deck of Ponte D. Luís, Av. Diogo Leite, Av. Ramos Pinto, Cais de Gaia, Cais da Fontainha, Cais Capelo Ivens, returning next to Cais do Cavaco. When returning, athletes follow the same route to the lower deck of Ponte D. Luís, turn right onto Av. de Gustavo Eiffel, Av. Paiva Couceiro, making a return next to Rua de Sabrosa, returning again along the same route , Av. Paiva Couceiro, Av. Gustavo Eiffel, ending at Cais da Ribeira (next to Cubo). Walk/Mini-Run 5km – Start at Avenida Gustavo Eiffel (next to Ponte D. Luís), Av. Paiva Couceiro, return (near Ponte do Freixo), Av. Paiva Couceiro, Av. Gustavo Eiffel passing through the Ribeira tunnel , turn left onto Rua S. João ending at Praça da Ribeira (next to Cubo).

Start address

Ribeira, Porto, Portugal

Finish address

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Route map

route map

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
Finisher medal
Event T-shirts
Drink Stations
Bag drop
Timing chip (single use)
Goodie bag
Free public transport
Photo Service
Nutrition Stations
Medical Assistance


2 Reviews
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Tiago Silva
Jul 2017
15 km

Fantastic race that i went last year. Well organised, with a great router and a must come due to the weather at this month, that on Portugal is excellent! Come visit the city of Gaia and enjoy a wonderfull moment, either walking or running!


user avatar
Nathan Belois
Country flag of US

A really well-organized and fun race. The scenic views and generally flat route make it a great event. I highly recommend it!

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