Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

4.5 (4 Reviews)
Hong-Kong, Hong-Kong
09 Feb, 2025 (Sun)
Event size: 10000 - 24999 participants


10 km, 21.1 km, 42.195 km

Price from
397 USD
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About the event

***The Hong Kong Marathon entries are sold by a Chinese tour operator zx42195 with secured slots for both half and full marathon.***
The Hong Kong Marathon is a prestigious event that draws participants from all over the globe. With options for full marathon, half-marathon, and 10K race, the event allows runners to experience the bustling urban scenery of Hong Kong. Known for its challenging course and lively vibe, this marathon is a must-see on the city's sports scene.

Races offered by this event

You have 33 weeks to prepare

Half Marathon

09 Feb, 2025 (Sun) - 05:40
21.1 km
On site

10 km

09 Feb, 2025 (Sun) - 05:40
10 km
On site


09 Feb, 2025 (Sun) - 06:00
42.195 km
On site

Course details

Course highlights

Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui ( NearHotel Mira) - Nathan Road south of Kansu Street - Nathan Road(N/b) north of Kansu Street - Argyle Street - Cherry Street(W/b) - Lin Cheung Road(S/b) - West Kowloon Highway(S/b)- Ngong Shuen Chau Viaduct(Kln/b) - Stonecutters Bridge(Kln/b) - East Tsing Yi Viaduct(Kln/b) - Nam Wan Tunnel(Kln/b) - West Tsing Yi Viaduct(Kln/b) - Tsing Ma Bridge(Kln/b)- Ting Kau Bridge(S/b) - Cheung Tsing Tunnel(Kln/b) - Tsing Kwai Highway(S/b) -West Kowloon Highway(S/b) -Western Harbour Crossing(S/b) - Connaught Road West Flyover(E/b) - Man Po Street - Man Yiu Street(S/b) -  Lung Wo Road (E/b) - Fenwick Pier Street(E/b) - Convention Avenue(E/b) - Hung Hing Road - Marsh Road Flyover - Lockhart Road(E/b) - Percival Street - Hennessy Road(E/b) - Yee Wo Street(E/b) - Sugar Street - Victoria Park.

Start address

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Finish address

Victoria Park, Hong Kong

Route map

route map

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
Finisher medal
Event T-shirts
Goodie bag
Cash prizes
Nutrition Stations
Expo entry
Drink Stations
Bag drop
Timing chip (single use)
Photo Service
Dressing rooms
Medical Assistance


4 Reviews
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user avatar
Ulrich Walter
Country flag of DE
Feb 2010
42.195 km

Hong Kong Marathon belongs to my personal favorites. I participated there in 2010. It started early in the morning shortly before sunrise, but already at this time we had about 25 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 95%. The course is characterized by impressing bridges and tunnels you have to pass. On the last kilometers you also have nice views at the scenic skyline of Hong Kong. As the whole city spreads over mountainous terrain the run is the hilliest city marathon I ever did. Because you are running on highway roads to a great extent you cannot expect a lot of spectators. Only just before the finish line there is a very good support of cheering people. In conclusion: It is a very special marathon in a very special city. And it is a very good reason for a short escape from the European winter.

user avatar
Andreas Lämmlein

Nice course, and the organization was mostly okay. One big problem though: On the last ca. 15 km the Marathon merged with the Half Marathon field (which had started much later). It was then totally crowded and very difficult to run my own pace, because the way was often blocked by the slower runners. It might have been better if they had put me in one of the first Marathon starter blocks, according to my goal time of 3:40, so that I would not have to pass thousands of slower runners. But instead I had to start in the last Marathon block, maybe because I was registered quite late as a charity runner.

user avatar
Nick Angiers
Country flag of CA

A very well organized marathon!

user avatar

First Time Sub 4 Great weather in 2019. Always hot in HK marathon.

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