TCS New York City Marathon

4.8 (18 Reviews)
New York, NY, USA
03 Nov, 2024 (Sun)


42.195 km

About the event

The New York Marathon has become an iconic event, starting out in 1970 with just 55 runners racing around Central Park and eventually expanding to a course that covers five boroughs of New York City. Now the largest marathon in the world, the race attracts more than 50,000 participants each year.

Alongside the Boston and Chicago marathons, it is considered one of the most prestigious marathons in the US, drawing athletes from all over the world to compete. Held on the first Sunday of November every year, the race is open to both amateur and professional athletes, though entry is based on a lottery system, making it a very exclusive event. Priority entry is granted to members of the NYRR who meet the qualifications, or who receive a nomination from an official running club affiliate.

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TCS New York City Marathon

03 Nov, 2024 (Sun) - 08:00
42.195 km
Race size: >30000 participants
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The race starts on Staten Island by running over the Verrazano Bridge before touring the remaining boroughs of the city (Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan). It then finishes in Central Park.
World Athletics Platinum Label
On site
Point to point
Closed road


18 Reviews
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user avatar
Running Pat
Country flag of FR
Nov 2018
42.195 km

New York is a nice city to run. The marathon itself is difficult because it is very hilly but the crowd along the route is amazing. The view over manhattan at the start line is fabulous. The logistic is however horrible. The marathon starts on staten island and people have to wait hours in the cold for the race to begin. The entry fee is very high

user avatar
Lysandra Colon
Country flag of PR
Nov 2017
42.195 km

I have done 3 full marathons and this is the best!!! Great crowd all the route, energy you wont fell the wall. Try to go with a couple of friends and you will have the best time waiting your wave, you can do a mini picnic or some yoga, like I did. two thumbs up!

user avatar
Country flag of FR
Nov 2016
42.195 km

Amazing marathon. This is my best race. Everything was perfect. Very well organized. Cheerful crowds. The route is a little bit hard but the atmosphere is fantastic.

user avatar
Dan Walding
Country flag of AU
Nov 2014
42.195 km

I mean no disrespect by giving this race 3 stars. This is obviously a famous event and if you get the chance, take it. It is (I am pretty sure) the biggest race in the world, so it's crowded non stop from start to finish. This means great atmosphere (deafening at times), but not the best for a PB due to the crush. I found the course difficult (the endless gentle incline of 1st Avenue destroyed me), and it was extremely cold at the start. It's spectacular to finish at Central Park and it's very well managed. I just found it a very difficult race to run.

Well it covers the 5 boroughs though some of them only briefly. Brooklyn and Manhattan have deafening crowds and great atmosphere. Queens not so much. If you happen to run on the lower deck of the Verazzano (sp?) bridge, the 'rain' falling down is not rain, so do not get it on you (ala don't eat the yellow snow).

user avatar
May LU
Country flag of CN

The weather is cool and the organization is in place

user avatar
Daniel Thomas Massberg

Nice Run

user avatar
Country flag of FR

1sr Star

user avatar
Christoph Neumayer

Enjoyed it! 5th Ave was tough to finish the race, but the pain was worth it

user avatar
Martin Halda

Absolutely awsome!

user avatar
Vincenzo Perrone
Country flag of IT

ottimo il mio tempo migliore record estero

user avatar
Stefano Bassi

Great marathon. Damn hard to register and be lucky but so worth it... The marathon doesn't run through Manhattan so sightseeing is limited but the entire experience is just fantastic. I will be back after I have saved enough money to run it again...

user avatar
Moon Hwan Kim


user avatar
Emil Orman

I Loved it

user avatar
RK Byers

it was in my home state. the course actually sucked!

user avatar
Angus black


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