The Montane Lakeland 50 & 100

John Ruskin School, Cumbria, United Kingdom
26-27 Jul, 2024 (Fri - Sat)
Event size: 1000 - 4999 participants

Trail running

50 mi, 100 mi

About the event

The Montane Lakeland 100, also known as the Ultra Tour of the Lake District, showcases the Lake District in England.

Races offered by this event

You have 8 weeks to prepare

Lakeland 100

26 Jul, 2024 (Fri) - 06:00
Trail running
100 mi
6300 m of elevation gain
Race size: 100 - 249 participants
The race makes you tour the whole of the lakeland fells, with about 6,300 m of elevation gain, on public footpaths and bridleways.

It starts in Coniston, visits Dunnerdale fells, Eskdale, Wasdale and Buttermere before getting to Keswick. It then goes to Matterdale, Haweswater, Kentmere, Ambleside and Elterwater before getting back to Coniston.

The race requires excellent navigation skills. It can also be run in teams of 3 runners that have to remain together during the whole race.
On site
Mountain range

Lakeland 50

27 Jul, 2024 (Sat) - 11:30
Trail running
50 mi
3100 m of elevation gain
Race size: 500 - 999 participants
On site
Mountain range


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News: Trail running

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Results: Tierney takes first in Lake District

29 Jul, 2015 (Wed)

Credit : Earthwatcher 100M results Paul Tierney came in an hour ahead of field of more than 300 runners, crossing the finishing line in 20:42:07 to win the Montane Lakeland 100 in England’s Lake District national park. Marco Consani, last year’s champion, took second in the race around Coniston with a time of 21:45:50. He won it last year with a 21:14:52. Third place was a tie between Jason Lewis and Duncan Oakes at 23:01:39. Oakes cut more than an hour and 40 minutes from his seventh place finish a year ago. For the women, it was Carol Morgan crushing the competition by closer to three hours with her time of 25:47:32. Morgan cut more than four hours and 20 minutes from her fourth-place finish last year. Runner-up Katie Boden also improved her time and position, coming in at 28:36:19, almost five hours faster than her sixth-place finish a year ago. Isobel Wykes (29:23:52) edged Nicky Taylor (29:23:53) by just a second for third. Top 10 Men 1 Paul TIERNEY 20:42:07 2 Marco CONSANI 21:45:50 3 Jason LEWIS 23:01:39 4 Duncan OAKES 23:01:39 5 Craig STANSFIELD 23:08:25 6 Dave TROMAN 23:47:18 7 Lawrence ECCLES 23:51:03 8 Kevin PERRY 24:01:02 9 Dale MATHERS 24:21:52 10 Richard LENDON 24:51:55 Top 10 Women 1 Carol MORGAN 25:47:32 2 Katie BODEN 28:36:19 3 Isobel WYKES 29:23:52 4 Nicky TAYLOR 29:23:53 5 Becky MORGAN 29:50:38 6 Marianne WILLIAMS 31:20:54 7 Hester COX 31:56:57 8 Jackie STRETTON 32:33:56 9 Linda MURGATROYD 33:33:58 10 Cecily SHEPHERD 33:50:32 Complete Results 50M results Jayson Cavill clocked a time of 8:04:24 to carve out a spot atop the podium ahead of more than 600 runners in the 50mi event. Runner-up Matty Brennan cut 17 minutes from his seventh-place finish a year ago to take second with a mark of 8:28:24. Paul Grundy pulled away from the rest of the pack to take third, coming in at 8:28:54. For the women, it was Sally Fawcett (8:43:43) finishing first ahead of last year’s 100mi winner Debbie Martin-Consani (9:04:30). Mel Varvel rounded out the top three with a time of 9:21:57. Top 10 Men 1 Jayson CAVILL 8:04:24 2 Matty BRENNAN 8:28:24 3 Paul GRUNDY 8:28:54 4 Galen REYNOLDS 8:48:21 5 Stephen WESTON 8:48:22 6 Bryan WAKELEY 8:53:06 7 Ernesto CIRAVEGNA 8:55:06 8 Anthony BETHELL 9:04:12 9 Matt WILSON 9:08:30 10 Daniel MILLER 9:18:01 Top 10 Women 1 Sally FAWCETT 8:43:43 2 Debbie MARTIN-CONSANI 9:04:30 3 Mel VARVEL 9:21:57 4 Kim ENGLAND 9:44:22 5 Helen PRICE 10:00:47 6 Dawn METCALFE 10:13:43 7 Joanne HAZELL 10:45:35 8 Sarah LOWE 11:01:57 9 Tracy ENTWISTLE 11:15:07 10 Lucia MINTO 11:35:55 Complete Results
1 min read

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