You Go Girl!

Hamilton, Bermuda
02 Jun, 2024 (Sun)


6 km

About the event

You Go Girl!! Female Only Relay. 13th YEAR. Women Making a Difference.   OUR THEME THIS YEAR IS Taylor Swift Eras Our wonderful Sponsors:  Mosaic Insurance and U by Kotex

Organized by:   Mid Atlantic Athletic Club

Enter as a team of 3.

Team members of 3 compete in 3 laps, each being 2K, of the same course, where the first person is required to do all 3 laps, the second person 2 laps and the last person 1 lap. Each person joins the person before them (except the first person) as they finish a lap. So, after lap 1, the second person will join the team member that started and then after lap 2, the third person will join those 2.

There is also the option of all team members doing all 3 laps.

(Minimum age to participate is 7)

Team Categories are: Open Teams (Not choosing one of the other categories)Family Teams (All part of the same family)Corporate Teams (All work at the same Company/Organization)Masters Teams (all 40 or over)Junior Teams (Aged 7-16)All Team Members doing 6KWalking Teams (No running allowed)Non-Competitive Teams (Not wanting to compete but support the event) ENTRY FEES:

Fees $30 per person (plus $8 being mandatory BNAA Fee) Under 16 $15.00

All monies donated or paid will be donated to the Women’s Resource Centre.

Packet pickup is on SATURDAY, JUNE 1st 10.00am to 12noon at Butterfield and Vallis warehouse on Woodlands Road in Hamilton. (limited to first 400)


Races offered by this event

6K Team

02 Jun, 2024 (Sun) - 08:30
6 km
2 km per loop
On site
Multiple loops


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