Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup #1

Brooklyn, NY, USA
10 Mar, 2024 (Sun)


17 mi, 31 mi, 40 mi

About the event

About The Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup

This race is Round 1 of the 2024 Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup.   The Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup links the Kissena Cycling Club Prospect Park Series into an overall competition with Verge leader kits and overall prizes awarded to the winners of the Category 1-2-3 and Category 3-4 events. There are also separate Sprint, KOM, and Best Master 45+ competitions in the Category 1-2-3 and Category 3-4 races. There are no overall competitions in the Category 5 event.

Click here for detailed information on how points are scored for each competition, prizes, and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Timing Chips

For 2024 all Prospect Park and Floyd Bennett Field races will be timed using active timing chips(Except for Cat 5 races). The chips will allow us to provide faster, live results along with lap time reports, KOM and Sprint results, updated series standings and other features to be added at later dates. You must have a timing chip to be scored in the KOM or Sprint competitions and to receive podiums/prizes on race day. If you aren't using a chip we will send in your result to USA Cycling for rankings but you will not be eligible for a daily prize.  

All riders in the Cat 1-2-3 and Cat 3-4 will need to have a timing chip to race. Riders in the Cat 5 race will NOT need a chip. Timing chips are available to purchase along with your registration as a merchandise item. If you are a CRCA member and already have a chip you DO NOT need to buy a chip. If you have a chip for the NJ TT or CX series, you DO NOT need to buy a chip. If you purchased a chip in 2022 or 2023 please continue using it. 

The chips are guaranteed to work for a minimum of 5 years and can be used in multiple different series. Currently, the chips will work for CRCA races, both Prospect Series, FBF Tues nights, NJ TT Series and NJ CX series. More races and series will be added shortly. 

The chip cost is $75 and you will own and be responsible for your chip. If you decide at any time that you do not want to participate in either of the Prospect series you can return the chip for a pro-rated refund. You will receive a refund equal to your original purchase price minus a rental fee of $5 per race you have entered. For example, if you have entered 4 races you would receive a $55 refund($75-$20). Only riders who purchased a chip for the FBF or PP series are eligible for this refund program.

If you are visiting from out of town and plan on racing at a park event, please contact me and we can arrange a one time chip rental or make other accommodations for your results. You do not need to purchase a chip if you are only racing once. 


Online registration ONLY. No exceptions.Register early! The field limits are strictly enforced and most fields have filled up in the past. Masters, Women, and Juniors race with their category.  Junior entry fee is $10. Juniors: please register online and you will receive a refund at the race. Women entry fee is $25. Women: please register online and you will receive a refund at the race. 

Bib Numbers

New for 2024: Everyone will receive a set of numbers that will be used at ALL Prospect Park and FBF races. PLEASE don't forget them. It's the same number all year, all races. Just bring them. There will be a $15 replacement fee, NO exceptions. 

Start/Finish Location

The Start/Finish and registration area is located at the 3rd Street entrance at Prospect Park West.  This is the same location we use every year, about a 1/4 mile past the main hill and Grand Army Plaza.

Daily Prizes

Cat 1-2-3 = $400 all cash prize list. 10 places.Cat 3-4 = 1st place receives $50.  Places 2-5 will receive one entry fee in any future Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup Race.Cat 5/Novice = Medals. 5 places.

Overall Competitions (Cat 1-2-3 and Cat 3-4)

General Classification (GC). The first 10 riders at the finish of the race receive points. The leader of the series wears the Lucarelli & Castaldi yellow leader kit (jersey & bibs) provided by Verge.King of the Mountain (KOM). There are 2 sprints at the top of the hill in each race. The first 3 riders score points. The leader of the series wears the Plan 2 Peak Coaching polka-dot leader kit (jersey & bibs) provided by Verge.Sprint. There are 2 sprints at the Start/Finish line in each race. The first 3 riders score points. The leader of the series wears the Ride Brooklyn green leader kit (jersey & bibs) provided by Verge.Best Master 45+. The first 5 Masters 45+ riders at the finish of the race receive points. The leader of the series wears the Zephyr silver leader kit (jersey & bibs) provided by Verge.

Overall Competitions Prizes (Cat 1-2-3 and Cat 3-4)

$2,250 in cash prizes.  Here's the breakdown:

General Classification (GC). $450 cash prizes per category. 3 places.King of the Mountain (KOM). $225 cash prizes per category. 3 places.Sprint. $225 cash prizes per category. 3 places.Best Master 45+ $225 cash prizes per category. 3 places.


Promoter reserves the right to shorten race distances due to weather conditions and/or time constraints.Promoter reserves the right to cancel, combine fields and/or reduce prize money if minimum fields are not met.

Course Description

3.4 mile loop along the park roadway in Prospect Park. The course features one moderate (big ring) hill and sweeping turns. Although the course is closed to traffic, you will frequently encounter other park users (pedestrians, cyclist etc.), on the park roadway. For this reason all competitors are advised to stay alert and be polite to other park users. 


Riders must not enter the "recreation" lane (aka jogger's lane) on the left side of the roadway for any reason.  Riders must not enter EITHER recreation lane(aka jogger's lane) on the east side of the park. Any rider entering this lane, even momentarily, will be disqualified and suspended by USA Cycling and will not be permitted to race in NY Parks for three months and will not be permitted to race in any Kissena Cycling Club event in Prospect Park for one year. 


Races offered by this event

Category 1,2,3

10 Mar, 2024 (Sun) - 06:50
40 mi
On site

Category 3-4

10 Mar, 2024 (Sun) - 06:51
31 mi
On site

Category 5/Novice

10 Mar, 2024 (Sun) - 06:52
17 mi
On site


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