RideYaBike Ride to Montauk

Brooklyn, NY, USA
23 Jun, 2024 (Sun)


125 mi

About the event

It's going down Sunday, September 17th, 2023 - RYB Montauk Ride. 
This is going to be a goodie - 125 miles from Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to the Montauk Lighthouse.

 - ALL participants MUST register for this ride. 
 - No same day payment will be allowed. 
 - Registrants will be identified via a wristband on the morning of the ride. 

Rest stops: 
 - There are two scheduled rest stops (40 mile marker & 92 mile marker).

SAG support: 
 - SAG support will be available for all riders along the route

 - Food will be available for all riders at the end 

 - Full service 

           - $100 affords the rider full SAG support, post ride meal at the Montauk Lighthouse, and return bus service. 

           - Please make necessary accommodations. 

 - Partial support

           - $50 affords the rider full SAG support, post ride meal at the Montauk Lighthouse. NO RETURN SHUTTLE BUS!

Races offered by this event

125 miles

23 Jun, 2024 (Sun) - 06:00
125 mi
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