Cypress Island

Oak Harbor, WA, USA
17 Jul, 2024 (Wed)

Trail running

20 mi

About the event


Cypress Island is part of the larger San Juan archipelago. Largely off the radar, this uninhabited island is heavily forested and designated as a conservation reserve. The island boast over 20 miles of trails that lead to high vistas, remote beaches, and forgotten lakes. The perfect recipe for a weekend of island exploration.

Course Overview

Friday, Day 1: Boat Taxi to Cypress

We’ll meet at 4:30pm for a 5:00 sail from Anacortes, WA. It’s a short sail to Pelican beach where we’ll be based out of for the weekend. We’ll have appetizers, drinks, and dinners on the beach and trek up to Eagle’s Nest lookout for the sunset.

Saturday, Day 2: 5-20 Miles of Trail Running + Paddle Sports

Cypress is a mid-sized island with a network of 20+ miles of trails that loop in and around the island. We’ll organize some formal groups to explore, but runners will also be free to roam wild throughout the island.

Sunday, Day 3: Morning Run/Paddle, Boat Taxi Home

After breakfast, morning runs and/or relaxing on the beach, we’ll eat lunch and break camp before catching our boat taxi at 3:30pm. We’ll have runners back to Anacortes by 4pm.


Our Cypress basecamp will be staged out of the Pelican Beach group campground and group shelter. Aspire will provide a lively camp amenities for a remote but comfortable “glamp” style experience.


Cypress is not services by any public ferry service. Private boats are the only way to access the island. Aspire has chartered a water taxi that will transport runners and equipment between Anacortes and Cypress Island.

About Aspire

Aspire organizes single and multi-day running adventures in backcountry and wilderness terrain. We pair logistical and emergency support with delicious meals for a unique and memorable running experience. More info about our project is available at:

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July 28-30

17 Jul, 2024 (Wed)
Trail running - Stage race
20 mi
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