Michael P. Boyer Memorial 5k Fun Run & Walk

Edition 1

Greensburg, PA, USA
06 Nov, 2021 (Sat)


5 km

About the event

From a young age I was fortunate enough to be involved in youth sports. As my passion and love for the game grew, my dad was always there to encourage me and remind me that the skills I was learning would be valuable well beyond the playing field. My dad was a youth sports coach from the year I was born in 1996 until my Junior year of high school in 2012. He volunteered his time for various different organizations including (Greensburg Rec. Soccer, Greensburg YMCA youth sports, Aquinas Academy youth Basketball, Greensburg Salem Youth Basketball, Maxwell Recreation Youth Baseball, and The Westco Bulldogs an AAU Baseball team he helped create). My dad dedicated his time to hundreds of kids in the greater Westmoreland County area in hopes that we would become great athletes, but more importantly better people. He preached things like dedication, team work, humility, leadership, and trust; and he truly believed that sports were a great way to learn qualities that could become valuable in all walks of life. In honor of my dad I hope to start an annual 5k to raise money for both Greensburg Recreation and Hempfield Recreation Youth Athletics so other kids have the same opportunities to compete and learn valuable life lessons along the way!

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1st Annual Michael P. Boyer Memorial 5k Fun Run & Walk

06 Nov, 2021 (Sat) - 10:30
5 km
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