Table Rock Trail Challenge

Jamesville, NY, USA
25 Jun, 2023 (Sun)

Trail running

About the event


We are crossing our fingers for 2021 and hoping the race will actually take place. When you sign up for this race DO NOT worry... your credit card will NOT be charged until we have a confirmation that the race is actually able to happen. When that does happen we will then charge your fee.


This is a USATF sanctioned event.
A Central New York First!

We are hosting the Annual Table Rock Trail Challenge on the technical trails of Clark's Reservation just outside the heart of Jamesville, NY. Clark's is a hidden gem of Central New York with some amazing views, wonderful trails and a wide variety of trail challenges.

The race is a LAST MAN STANDING style event. The race will be held on an approximately 1.2 mile loop course on some gravel path, some table rock and dirt trail with rocks and roots. We will be running the event using a incremental lap time style. You will be given a certain amount of time required to complete each lap. If you do not make that time your lap will not count and you will be dropped from the race at that point.

Race Details

The race will be a last man standing event, being run on two different courses (Course 'A' and Course 'B') both approximately 1.2 mile loops. We say one approximately because as we all know GPS isn't perfectly accurate. Each course has approximately 50-60 feet of elevation gain. We will be utilizing two different courses for both runner and pedestrian safety. This is a TRAIL race and parts can be VERY technical and we DO NOT want anyone to risk injury just to beat the clock.

Each lap every runner will start at the exact same time and be given the exact same amount of time to finish that lap. If you finish faster you will HAVE to wait around, refuel or do whatever you need to until the start of the next lap. This creates a unique opportunity to either run fast and rest, or run at a consistent pace with no break!! PLAN AHEAD for your aid station visits! No extra time will be given for the aid station stops.

At the start of the race we will run on course 'A'. For the first 5 laps on course 'A' we will subtract 1 minute from the time on the clock, for example ...
Lap 1 - 22 min
Lap 2 - 21 min
Lap 3 - 20 min
etc ....

We will then begin taking off only 30 second per lap for laps 6-15. At which point we will stay at the same time for laps 16-20 having switched to Course 'B' at lap 10.
If more than one runner remains after lap 20 we will then begin to subtract 15 seconds per lap until there is only one finisher.

IF NEITHER runner is able to complete their final lap under the time limit, the first to cross the finish line will be declared the winner.

*** THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE... Check back closer to race for a FINALIZED race plan ***

Refund Policy / Weather

Due to the costs associated with hosting the event we will only offer a refund of 50% until May 31st. Starting June 1st there will be NO REFUNDS!

This is a trail race, we are hosting this event with the idea that you have some experience running trails and/or in the rain. There will be no rain date for the race. If there is planned thunderstorms for the day, we will still meet there and run the race as safely as possible. If that means delaying the start for an hour or two then thats what we will do.

Plan accordingly please, if you are unable to make the race and you have registered please let us know. We will be maintaining a waitlist if the race fills up, so you will be able to give another runner a chance to race.

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