BRRC's Recycle Fun Run

Spokane, WA, USA
10 Apr, 2024 (Wed)


4 mi

About the event

The four-mile run benefits the BRRC volunteer program.  Please bring your gently used shoes and clothing for donation to high school athletes in the area. Fish Lake Trail Head: The trailhead is near Government Way and Sunset Hwy.  Take I-90 to Exit 279.Take exit 279 for US-195 S toward Colfax/Pullman. Continue on 195 for 0.3 miles, then turn right onto W. 16th Avenue, which turns into S. Lindeke St. Continue on Lindeke until you see the parking lot on the right, about another 0.5 miles. Trailhead is near Government Way and Sunset Hwy.  Parking is limited, so please car-pool. The Fish Lake Trail leaves West Spokane and runs south through open forest to reach Queen Lucas Lake, which is 1.5 miles north of the trail's ultimate planned destination, Fish Lake Regional Park. Upon completion of this gap, two bridges over active rail lines will join this trail to 3.5 paved miles of the Columbia Plateau Trail, serving as a corridor for commuting and recreation between Spokane and the college town of Cheney.

From the Spokane trailhead, the route follows a mild uphill grade; to your left, trees separate you from US 195 for a couple miles and then from Cheney Spokane Road, which loosely parallels the trail. Half-mile markers guide you through the hot, dry uplands of Eastern Washington. The trail follows a piece of corridor of the Oregon–Washington Railroad & Navigation Company (a division of the Union Pacific Railroad) through the Latah Valley, formerly Hangman Valley. At Marshall Canyon, take in railroad history as you travel beside active rail lines through the area known by rail fans as "The Tunnel."

Races offered by this event

BRRC's Recycle Fun Run 2024

10 Apr, 2024 (Wed) - 18:00
4 mi
On site
Out & back


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