Pyrenees Stage Run

Edition 7

Ribes de Freser, Catalonia, Spain
03 Sep, 2023 (Sun)
Event size: 100 - 999 participants

Trail running

240 km

About the event

The Pyrenees Stage Run is the perfect opportunity to explore a section of the Pyrenees and visit unforgettable places. We want all participants to get the most out of their adventure, so we will provide dinner together, a daily award ceremony, a briefing of the next stage, and a presentation of the photos and videos of the day. The race is done in teams (2 or 3 runners) to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, and each team will be given a GPS to follow the track. To guide the runners, the route will be marked with ribbons, and the classic marks of the GR11.We strongly believe that a stage race is a unique and special occasion to build fellowship and lasting memories. You get to meet people from all around the world, explore new villages and their inhabitants, and be part of a meaningful relationship with the volunteers. For us, this race is an exciting challenge as the preparation and management is quite different from a one-day ultra race.We look forward to your participation in the Pyrenees Stage Run!

Races offered by this event

Pyrenees Stage Run

03 Sep, 2023 (Sun) - 08:00
Trail running - Stage race
240 km
15000 m Elevation gain15000 m Elevation drop
Race size: 100 - 249 participants
UTMB qualifier
Team effort (2-3)
On site
Point to point
Mountain range
Eco friendly
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Single track