DSW Bruggenloop Rotterdam

5 (3 Reviews)
Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands
08 Dec, 2024 (Sun)


15 km


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08 Dec, 2024 (Sun)
15 km
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3 Reviews
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Caroline Morris
Country flag of GB
Dec 2023

Wow!!! was it worth the wait in the airport 🤔most definitely.👍👍 I absolutely loved this race❤️ attending with friend on her birthday🎂. Beat the Bridges.🌉 There were 11,434 attended. It started packed like sardines in the metro🚇. I couldn't believe the size of the event for a winter evening in Rotterdam🇳🇱.The atmosphere was electric starting with techno blasting. 🎉🎉🎉We were given green light up arm bands to wear so we were like a long Xmas ribbon as we ran🏃‍♀️. As we started running I wanted to take photos as it's a magical place and beautiful along the water with the city lit up and of course the stunning bridges. I didn't as I had worked hard for this race🏁. My friends took photos m. Now I thought it was going to be flat but there was quite an incline on the bridges. I was encouraged by so many local runners supporting me up the hills. At one point runner's made a chain and put arms around me to give me the boost. 👐People were lovely😊 on the whole very flat compared to UK. The streets were lined with spectators and different types of music🎶 played along the route. We could see runner's below from on top of the bridge it was an amazing sight. The last mile was hard as I was giving everything I had in the tank. Runner's continued to talk and encourage me. I achieved my best time of the year💪🎉🎉🎉. 🎊 The finish was all lit up. I crossed as the heavens opened we got drenched🌧️ We soon had dry clothes from our bags Which we got wet and cold again heading to my friends home🥶. But when we got back. I recieved another warm welcome from the family. Hot coffee☕ and fabulous food prepared by the family 🍲 This was an amazing adventure I will never forget. I have been totally spoilt and have enjoyed every minute. I'm feeling a little emotional as I'm heading back to the UK tommorow and I have had so much fun. 😀Thank you so much to the people of the Netherlands 🙏

Great distance to finish of my season.

user avatar
Simona Budulac
Country flag of NL

Great organization, great course

user avatar
David Vermeersch
Country flag of BE

Amazing race on the bridges in iconic Rotterdam. Beautiful atmosphere around the parcour and a lot of support from the people there. The organisation was superbe. See you next year Rotterdam❤

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