The Ultra Loop

Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
23 Mar, 2024 (Sat)


50 km

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41 USD
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About the event

The Ultra Loop is an inclusive and flexible ultramarathon event, with an ultimate finishing distance of 50km. The mixed-terrain course combines roads and trails around a 5km loop. With 8 hours to complete the event, you are welcome to choose the distance you would like to run, from one to ten loops. No matter how many loops you run, you receive a finishing time and medal.​
The event takes place at the very popular Heaton Park in Manchester, UK. The 5km looped route combines road and woodland trail with some rolling hills. The route allows you to experience Heaton Park in all its expanse and beauty as you run by Boating Lake and Heaton Hall and explore the trails and streams of the woodland.

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You have 3 weeks to prepare

The Ultra Loop

23 Mar, 2024 (Sat)
50 km
On site
Multiple loops
Beginner friendly
Family friendly
Eco friendly

Course details

Course highlights

There is one starting line where everyone will begin from, this same line then becomes the looping line that provides loop split times each time you go around. When you're ready to finish, you cross the same line and let one of our team know that you're finished, we can provide you with your results. There is a time limit of 8 hours for the event and during that time you are welcome to run as few or as many loops as you would like to. There will be one winner of the overall 50km race as well as first and second place, but there will also be fastest finishing times for each number of loops which will be released on our website after the event finishes. You cannot run further than the 10 loop, 50km finishing distance.

Start address

Manchester M25 2SW, UK

Finish address

Manchester M25 2SW, UK

Route map

route map

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
Finisher medal
Drink Stations
Bag drop
Timing chip (single use)
Photo Service
Nutrition Stations

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